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Source | Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander is slated to portray the video game favorite Lara Croft in an emotional origin “Tomb Raider” movie coming this 2018. Producer Graham King reveals that this film will be a fun and exciting project because of the great writing, cast, crew and director. When the movie comes out, it will be almost two decades since the previous Lara Croft movie, which starred Angelina Jolie.

Vikander (The Danish Girl, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) will play a younger Lara Croft who is searching for her father. The setting of the story will take fans back to the very first Tomb Raider movies and games. Nostalgia will play a big part of the project. King stated in his interview with HeyUGuys that the movie is going to be a “back to the roots story.”

News Everyday confirms that the film will be released in the US on March 16, 2018. This will finally put to rest many fans who were wondering which version of Croft is better on the big screen. While Vikander and Jolie certainly have their own strengths and styles, we cannot give a verdict until we see it ourselves.

In the meantime, fans of the original video game are more excited than ever. In addition to the coming movies, the 20th anniversary of the “Rise of the Tomb Raider” game is being celebrated with some major updates. There are additional skins and outfits, but the biggest bonus comes in the form of new levels and challenges.

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01NY TIMES: It’s impossible to watch “The Light Between Oceans” — Derek Cianfrance’s tale of a childless Australian couple who discover a baby in a rowboat and keep it — and not assume that you’re witnessing its stars, Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, falling in love.

After all, speculation ran rampant last year when photographs suggested that the incandescent actors were an item — a suggestion that neither would confirm. Rumor seemed to become fact when Ms. Vikander kissed Mr. Fassbender after she won the best-supporting actress Oscar for “The Danish Girl” in February, and the world’s collective knees went weak.

Seated on a sofa — but not too close — at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park this summer, Ms. Vikander and Mr. Fassbender completed each other’s sentences as they discussed their film, an adaptation (opening Friday, Sept. 2) of M. L. Stedman’s novel about Tom, a World War I veteran turned lighthouse keeper on a rocky, storm-swept island, and his wife, Isabel, whose maternal longing he wants nothing more than to satisfy.

Asked about their discretion, Ms. Vikander, wearing geometric-print palazzo pants and radiantly barefaced, said that “we’ve done this film and we’re talking about it,” but added: “Then you keep certain things private and between us, which I think is the right thing.”

Ms. Fassbender, his blue T-shirt complementing her outfit and his eyes, chimed in, “Our work is something that we’re very committed to, but also our private lives.”

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EW: For Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, their new film The Light Between Oceans (in theaters Sept. 2) is something of a journey back in time. Both to the 1920s, when the gorgeous drama by director Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) takes place, but also to 2014, when the movie’s two stars met and fell in love while making it.

The film is based on M.L. Stedman’s best-selling tearjerker novel, and in it, Vikander and Fassbender play a couple living in blissful seclusion on a lighthouse-capped island. But they are dealt tragic blows as Isabel suffers multiple miscarriages, before one day a rowboat mysteriously washes ashore with a baby on board. The drama that follows is heartbreaking, but the two actors fill their roles with incandescent grace notes.

Off screen, they are a public couple — she kissed him, after all, before accepting her Oscar for The Danish Girl last February — though they’ll never be accused of oversharing. Neither is active on social media, and on this weekend afternoon in downtown Manhattan, Vikander, 27, and Fassbender, 39, sit on opposite ends of a couch. Though they do, for the first time, address their relationship, calmly and efficiently, they would much rather talk about their work.

But that still includes the experience that brought them together. “ ‘Summer camp’ is something I’ve used to explain filmmaking to friends and family,” Vikander says. Fassbender adds: “You have to come together very quickly. That’s a very specific, unusual thing to this business — and it can be a very powerful thing.”

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‘The Light Between Oceans’ is being promoted strongly these days; so it’s no surprise we finally have a photoshoot of Alicia and Michael Fassbender together. This time, they have been photographed by Jennifer S. Altman for the Los Angeles Times. Check out the article below, but don’t forget to check out the original source here.

“Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are both hot international stars, but they’re not on Twitter, they’re not on Instagram. They don’t do Snapchat,” said Mara Reinstein, deputy editor and film critic at US Weekly. “We know very little about them. So they stay alluring. People could be more inclined to see their movie because their romance is not thrown in our faces every minute,” she said.

Michael Fassbender tensed up for the briefest instant when the topic of his relationship with Alicia Vikander, both his co-star and his girlfriend, arose. Then he relaxed and offered a Zen thought. “People will make the presumptions they want to make. If you start to defend anything, it becomes, ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much,’ ” the actor said, when asked if he thought moviegoers would draw real-life inferences from his work. “I mean, have you seen ‘Shame?’ ” he quipped, referring to his 2011 portrayal of a sex addict. Vikander, sitting next to him, let loose a sharp laugh.

The pair were side by side at a downtown hotel here recently, polite and formal and trying not to seem like they’re a couple — while trying not to seem like they were trying not to seem like a couple. Over the course of a conversation, about their new movie “The Light Between Oceans,” they could be professional, even distant. But they also jumped in often to finish each other’s sentences in a manner that reinforced their couplehood — an embodiment of the contradiction that occurs when the modern imperative to stay on message collides with the even more modern reality of everyone knowing everything about everybody. Since the days of early Hollywood, actors have been falling for each other on set. And for pretty much just as long, we’ve been obsessed with them.

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Source | After nine years, Hollywood mega star Matt Damon is reprising his hit blockbuster role as the infamous memory-loss-stricken CIA assassin Jason Bourne in the franchise series’ upcoming film.

The upcoming “Jason Bourne” film marks the fourth installment of the popular Bourne series and is slated to hit local theaters on July 27. The movie comes nearly a decade after “The Bourne Ultimatum” and 14 years since the franchise’s first flick, “The Bourne Identity.”

Damon, along with his new costar, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, were in Seoul to talk about the upcoming movie.

“It was very exciting for me to come back as this character, I love this character very much and it’s had a huge impact on my life and my career,” said Damon during a press conference at the Four Seasons hotel in Seoul on Friday.

“It’s definitely more difficult to play Jason Bourne when you’re 45 years old than when you’re 29 years old. Because you still have to run as hard, you’re being pursued diligently … so that part was a challenge,” he continued.

“But to get together with a group of people and familiar friends, the same creative group and to make another movie together is really rare in our business, so the older I get the more I appreciate the chance to get to do something like that.”

“The big draw to me was the clear aspect that I was going to be a part of the Bourne franchise … it was kind of a pinch-me moment when I stepped on set for the first time,” said Vikander.

“This is a film where we are able to set some really interesting subjects with social and political elements and backgrounds, but above anything, it’s an entertaining movie,” she added.

Damon has once again teamed up with famed director Paul Greengrass who directed both “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” The Hollywood star stated that had Greengrass not been the director for the upcoming new Bourne installment, he would have never agreed to reprise the role of Bourne.

“To be reunited with Paul Greengrass was really the main reason for making this movie for me,” Damon explained. “I always said that I wouldn’t do it without Paul, and I’m really glad that I laid down that ultimatum so many years ago. He’s just a brilliant filmmaker.”

“We made another movie in the intervening years that wasn’t a Jason Bourne movie, called ‘Green Zone,’ and I am constantly looking for things to make with Paul because I just love him and I love his whole style and his approach, and I think it leads to really good work,” he added.

The actor also went on to assure fans that the upcoming film will be more action-packed and thrilling than all its predecessors. In particular, Damon described a car chase down Las Vegas as one of the film’s highlights. It was a scene that forced the production crew to shut down a few city blocks every night at midnight for days.

“There is great action in this movie. There are some really great fight sequences that we worked really hard on … and also we have a car chase in this movie that is bigger than anything we’ve ever done,” says Damon.

“We filmed this incredible car chase in which we actually totaled 170 vehicles,” he said.

The new Bourne film also stars Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Dewey and Julia Stiles, who is reprising her role as Nicolette “Nicky” Parsons.

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This week’s Grazia France features a few pages on the Oscars’ behind the scenes – digital scans have been added to our gallery. Thanks Ana for sending them our way.

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Alicia is featured on the cover of the February issue of the German magazine, Interview. Thanks to Anne, high-quality digital scans are now available in our gallery:

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Alicia is featured on this month’s The Wrap. I just added high-quality digital scans which you will find in our gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below:

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