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2016 EE British Academy Film Awards

Alicia attended the EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday, wearing a gorgeous LV gown. She was nominated as Best Actress for her work in the film ‘The Danish Girl’, as well as for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Ex Machina’, but the awards went to Brie Larson and Kate Winslet. Our gallery has been updated with the first bunch of pictures, and more to be added soon.

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People USA (February)

Alicia is featured in the current issue of People Magazine (February 22), which has a small article on this year’s Oscars female nominees. The article, entitled The Amazing Women Of Oscar, also features fellow Academy Award nominees Brie Larson, Kate Winslet, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Each nominee could ask a fellow nominee a question. Magazine scans as well as one photoshoot outtake are available in our picture archive.

On how she would like to be remembered: “That I was brave, that I dared to try new things. I think hopefully that will make it an interesting life to look back on. That you never really knew what turn I was going to take. I still love not knowing where I’m going to be in 10 years.”
On how she finds the emotional core of a character: “Sometimes if you’re struggling, if you just ask ‘Can I just have 5 minutes?’, and then everyone stops and you take that time and you go back in. […] I’ve been in many situations where that actually ends up being a good help.”
On how she stays focused on set when she has a big scene coming up: “I’ll just put some music in my ear, and stay on set, maybe even lie down, and just like let everything buzz around me and kind of just zone out and try to relax.

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88th Nominee Luncheon & 4th Annual Nominees Night

High-quality pictures of the annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon have been added to our gallery. The event took place in Los Angeles, on Tuesday (8). Later that day, Alicia attended the Hollywood Reporter’s 4th Annual Nominees Night, in Beverly Hills. First pictures are in the gallery!

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Virtuoso’s Awards – 31st Santa Barbara International Film Festival

I’ve just added a bunch of pictures of Alicia attending the 31st Santa Barbara International Film Festival held on Sunday. She received the Virtuoso’s Award, dressed in Barbara Casasola, among other famous actors.

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The Wrap Magazine (February)

As you probably already know from our previous article, Alicia is featured on the cover of the February issue of The Wrap, photographed by Patrick Fraser. I’ve just added high-quality pictures of the photoshoot to our gallery. Keep reading for part of her interview, and don’t forget to check out the full article here.

On her first Academy Award nomination: “That still sounds so surreal, especially when someone says it out loud. I can’t really get that my name is in the same sentence. But it’s really wonderful, it’s beyond anything I would have ever dreamed of.”

On how it feels like to go from relative obscurity to being the person everyone wants to talk to: “It is very overwhelming in the sense that it’s been a very big change for the last few months. I think it’s something you can’t really prepare for. But I feel very relaxed, interestingly enough, doing all these interviews and going to awards shows to present or go up and do a speech for the first time in my life.”

Continue reading The Wrap Magazine (February)

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Vanity Fair: The Hollywood Issue 2016

Vanity Fair’s 22nd Hollywood Issue photoshoot has just been released and it is just incredible. Alicia is magnificent on her single shot, as well as on the group one. Check it out in the gallery:

It was a breakout year for Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, 27, who exploded onto the scene as a humanoid robot in Ex Machina, after which she inhabited 1920s Copenhagen in The Danish Girl, opposite Eddie Redmayne.